Our customers

Corporate Houses

Bralima, Marsavco, Tigo, Airtel, TATA Zahira, Nova Products, BraCongo, ASEM, Tractafric, CFAO, Vodacom, Midema, De Novo Congo, Dover Cosmetics .


Advans Banque, Bank of Africa, Procredit Bank, First International Bank, BCC, Raw Bank, FINCA, Trust Merchant Bank.


US Embassy, French Embassy, Egypt Embassy, Indian Embassy, Brazil Embassy, Kenya Embassy Korean Embassy, Belgium Embassy.

Government Offices

DGDA, SCTP, President’s Office, SNEL, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance.

Non-Gouvernmental Organizations

United Nations, European Union, World Bank, UNICEF, World Vision, UNFPA, World Food Program, International Rescue Committee, MAG, BCECO, EUPOL, UNHCR, UNOPS, CARE, GIZ, PAP, ASF, PWC.

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